Translation Request

Request for translation may someday be not allowed on BBIS, unless you previously try your version. Asking for correction is welcome. Why? Coz YOU need to TRY YOURSELF.

I may randomly remove any direct request in the future 🙂

Minta diterjemahin mungkin akan dilarang di BBIS nanti, kecuali Anda coba versi Anda dulu. Kalo minta koreksi sih blh ya. Mengapa? Krn ANDA memang hrs mencoba! I know you can do it. Saya mungkin akan secara acak menghapus pemintaan terjemahan langsung tersebut suatu saat nanti, bisa jadi dalam waktu dekat 🙂

Apakah ada PENGECUALIAN ??

Yes, of course Ada!

Asking for help to translate “You-Think-difficult expression” is acceptable. Menanyakan expresi yang menurut Anda memang sulit itu boleh saja di BBIS. I myself sometimes want to do that still (saya sendiri kadang masih pengen melakukannya, hehe).

For example you may want to ask for this: how to say “minum kopi hitam di malam yang kelam yang diiringi gerimis mencekam dengan listrik padam”. But asking simple word dan ekspresi spt “tidur apa inggrisnya, I love you artinya pa?”, dsb itu “TERLALU”, hehe.. Mbok ya dicoba dulu! If sometimes you are trying to make simple joke, do it wisely, not too much, it is also acceptable. If you repeatedly doing that, it ruins the group. Even if you are polite and good or even you are pretending that you are a newbie, you can still be a destroyer, hehe..

The best is still this way: YOU give it a TRY 🙂

Drinking a cup of coffee in the dark and rainy night without electricity 🙂 haha..

Let see if we have many friends willing to help correcting, coz i myslef will not be able to be with you often. I may start removing those when i see many of you start helping. Adil kan? Mari kita sosialisasikan bareng.


Best Regards